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I just red that the successful people never cross the red light. It made me think a lot. It makes a lot of sense. The successful people never be late. So to do that they always have time to be on time. They never be in hurry to get somewhere... I know one person very close and more Read More
Milano Salone de Mobile has started today. It is the biggest and most important design event in the world. It takes place every April in Milan. It has been 10 years since I exhibited at Salone Satellite in Milano Salone de Mobile. It was my second time to exhibit, and my first time was in year more Read More
Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous building in Barcelona.   So many people are coming to see it every day, all year long from all over the world.   Here is the video and you can see how it is going to be finished. They said they will finish in 12 years, but don´t forget this is Spain. The more Read More
There have been a lot of ice crem shops opening in Barcelona lately. This is what I think and it is true. And it is not only ice cream shop opening every where but also many burger shop, Chinese dollar shops, and souvenir shops all over the city. What surprises me the most is there are more Read More
There are a lot construction sites everywhere, and all the time in Barcelona. There have been less constructions today thanks to the crisis, but there are still quit a lot of them in the city. Those construction sites seem to be out of control since all the materials are everywhere without any supervisions. more Read More
NO PROTECTION PLEASE! There are so many people who use protection or bumper for their iPhones. I have been using iPhone since the first generation for myself as well, but I have never used protection nor bumper. I just don´t understand why people use them at all. Many people say that they are more Read More
It has become very expensive to live in Barcelona, after Barcelona olympic in 1992, and after changing to euro currency. It was quite ok to earn 1,000 euro a month when I came here 12 years ago. The living cost in Barcelona has almost doubled for the last 12 years, yet salary of Spanish people has not more Read More
My daughter drinks a lot of milk. She drinks almost 1 L every day. Yet, we are lucky that milk in Spain is pretty cheap. And they are so cheap that they make me so scared from time to time. Those milk in cartons last months if you don´t open them. So I start wondering what they are made of... more Read More

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I have started my blog.  I have always wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with as many as people possible and I really think blog is the way to go.  I couldn't have had a good design, or design that I can be satisfied with for my blog till now. This is the personal blog of Hiroshi Tsunoda, owner more Read More