Barcelona now!

There have been a lot of ice crem shops opening in Barcelona lately. This is what I think and it is true. And it is not only ice cream shop opening every where but also many burger shop, Chinese dollar shops, and souvenir shops all over the city.

What surprises me the most is there are so many of convenience stores, small super markets every where. There 5 to 6 stores within 2 minutes walking distance… I wonder if they can make business by being so close to each other. And they sale exactly same things.

There are so many cafes in Barcelona, well there are many cafes every where in Europe cities. And in recent years, I have noticed that many old traditional local cafes and restaurants have been taken over Chinese owners. They take over the businesses but they keep the original names of cafes and restaurants. So what is so funny? It is like super blond Dutch person working in Japanese local restaurant called “Tokyo”. It is kind hard to explain this in English… I hope you get what I am trying to transmit.

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