Battle field Barcelona!

There are a lot construction sites everywhere, and all the time in Barcelona.

There have been less constructions today thanks to the crisis, but there are still quit a lot of them in the city. Those construction sites seem to be out of control since all the materials are everywhere without any supervisions. And I think it is so easy to steal anything if you want from those sites. And they don´t seem to care what is happening around so there is always so much dust. It seems like a battle field in city…

To my surprise, they often find historical remains whenever they dig holes in Barcelona. And they have to stop the construction whenever they find historical remains and call specialists to investigate the sites. I think this is one of reasons why constructions go very slowly… And you find people who seem not to belong in the sites. Those people are specialists, historians or scholars most of the time. I thought that constructions workers in Spain can wear whatever they want, when I saw them for the first time.

About 12 years ago, they found skulls and whole human body bones when they were digging on street behind Santa Maria del Mar church (I think this the most beautiful church in Barcelona to my opinion), very close to my home. It surprised me a lot.

Sites get covered by concrete when they find out the site is not important enough to keep as it is. And those sites always make me feel sad some how, when I observe whole processes…

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