No protection!


There are so many people who use protection or bumper for their iPhones. I have been using iPhone since the first generation for myself as well, but I have never used protection nor bumper. I just don´t understand why people use them at all. Many people say that they are using those products because they are preventing iPhones from accidents such as falling and shatter or scratching the surface.

But you don´t see much of its design if you cover the iPhone so much. You cannot appreciate beauty of it. I think you should buy another smart phones if you are so afraid that your iPhone get damaged one day. iPhone is well designed object and I personally think that you should use it as it is. iPhone is complete design when you get and it is almost sin to change the look of it for your taste, with cheap colorful plastic. I just don’t get it. It is like covering Ferrari with piece of rubber and drive it. You want to appreciate the beauty of it. You just should treat your iPhone like you treat your special woman.

And it is like you cover very comfortable expensive sofa with plastic in case your kids spill something over… I would say, you should buy cheaper and more durable while your kids are small.

For iPhone 5 goes, we don’t need to talk about it. Apple has gathered all the knowledges, resources they have to create the beauty. And you want to cover the beauty with piece of plastic? I just don’t understand…

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