/ Flowery valley

My daughter drinks a lot of milk. She drinks almost 1 L every day.

Yet, we are lucky that milk in Spain is pretty cheap. And they are so cheap that they make me so scared from time to time. Those milk in cartons last months if you don´t open them. So I start wondering what they are made of… We try to buy fresh milk, but those milk also now has label says “now it lasts more”… So what kind milk should we buy now?

I found a shop close to my house just opened the other day. So, I went in and checked what they have. There are fresh cheese, yogurt, and MILK! They have very fresh milk from local farmer! And it is 2€ for 1.5L! It is 1.2€ for 1L if you bring your own bottle. And you can buy a very cute glass bottle for 0.6€. So I don´t need to buy plastic bottles for milk any more, nor recycle them.

The shop is called Vall florit, which means flowery valley in Catalan! It is very cute!

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